Electro harmonix 6550 datasheet

Harmonix datasheet

Electro harmonix 6550 datasheet

As for 6550' electro s well in my opinion. If you require matched pairs quads, simply order 2 harmonix 4. The Svetlana EL34 is the perfect tube for classic rock. The Electro- Harmonix datasheet 6550 is the finest current production tube for electro any amp using 6550 or KT88. New harmonix Sensor' s Electro Harmonix KT88' s were/ are terribly unreliable - datasheet - one reason I believe McIntosh recently switched to SED' s.
com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. 00 Brand: electro Electro Harmonix. 21 Bugera 6550B ( Matched datasheet Pair) - £ 52. Power Tubes – 6550 electro / KT88 / KT120 datasheet / KT150 Tube Basics harmonix and FAQ. Electro harmonix 6550 datasheet. Electro harmonix 6550 datasheet.

Positive Feedback ISSUE 76. The Electro- Harmonix 6550EH power tube is the finest current production tube for any amp using 6550 or KT88 valves. datasheet 6550 k g3 st- 16 bottom view basing diagram jedec 7ac pin 1 no connection base shell glass bulb large wafer octal with barriers 7 pin low loss 87- is a beam pentode power amplifier primarily datasheet designed for audio service. Price 1 off ( excluding vat+ p& harmonix p) Electro Harmonix 6550 - £ 33. Excellent for Hi- Fi Audio with superb power handling. 25 Sovtek harmonix 6550WE - £ 30. Brand new for, Electro- electro Harmonix KT90 is a super- rugged substitution for KT88/ 6550. Four- pillar construction and mica spacers help maintain a rugged harmonix mechanical reliability. The Electro Harmonix 6550- EH tubes have excellent harmonix linearity power handling capacity heat dissipation.

6 A Cathode: Oxide- coated unipotential Cathode- to- heater potential max. Classic tone is sustained at a prolonged, high datasheet output. ) at about two thirds the harmonix price. Electro- Harmonix 6550 Power Tube. Grading and Matching. Balancing a " B" single tube electro means: only like this same gain , both halves are guaranteed to have the same plate Transconductance, the same bias by this produce the same. 1 to cathode and grid no. The Tung- Sol brand name is now owned by the New Sensor Corporation the same company that owns the brands Sovtek Electro- Harmonix.

Produktbild Characteristics Electrical Heater: Min. The tube offers the maximum power of any 6550EH with the linearity guitar and bass players want. + 250 V Direct interelectrode capacitances, max. Voltage ( AC or DC) electro 5. The bottom end response is not the harmonix best, but harmonix in a guitar amp it datasheet becomes a moot point. The Electro harmonix Harmonix is datasheet very good, too.
electro Electro- Harmonix KT88 EH. datasheet 5mA enough tubes electro will pass the test. Electro Harmonix 300B Gold Grid matched pair $ 268. Vacuum Tube datasheet Warranty & Return Policy. The midrange is very pronounced and the high end is smooth. The new glass formula body of the Electro- Harmonix KT88 EH datasheet Vacuum electro Tube ensures long life & improved reliability. The 6550 is an ultra linear high power tetrode, the American version of the KT88. 6550 / KT88 / KT90.
it carries a 42 watt plate dissipation rating which provides datasheet for push- pull amplifier designs up to 100 watts output. The Electro Harmonix tube appears very constant in production, so we could tighten the original specs down from delta= 3. 09 Fender / Groove Tube 6550R ( Matched Pair) - £ 103. And the Shuggie KT88- SC ( a true replica of the MOV KT88) is as good if not better sounding than the New Sensor Gold Lion harmonix KT88 ( hardly a replica! is designed to be a direct replacement for any KT88 KT99 , KT90 6550. The new KT88 features electro greatly enhanced sonic performance: Increased peak cathode emission from new cathode materials; Stable operation from extended processing and.
harmonix Electro Harmonix 6550. The 6550EH offers the maximum power of any 6550 electro with the linearity that guitar and bass players want. 2 base sleeve , heater < 17 pF Plate to cathode grid no.

Harmonix electro

The Electro Harmonix EL34EH is one of the most musical EL34 available today. It is the perfect replacement for older guitar amps & modern Hi- Fi amps. sk 23 Dimension and connections: 22 KTKT 88 A. BEAM PENTODE Base: OCTAL U f = 6, 3 V I f = c a1, 6 A Typical characteristic: U a = 250 V U g2 = 250 V I a = 140 mA I. 6550 Power Vacuum Tube.

electro harmonix 6550 datasheet

Our new EHX Strings Electro- Harmonix electric guitar strings are custom- designed to our specifications and made in the USA by a premiere. Electro Harmonix 6L6EH: Another sovtek 6L6 which is once again slightly better than the 6L6WXT+ but has the same ragged tone.